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Snowed In

Thanks to my step father, who drove me to the gym yesterday I’m feeling really good about that but I am scared to get on the scale next month, clothes are feeling a-little snug!  We had a snow storm which has left us with no power and for me that equals lots of munching, luckily I did some shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s so the snacks are much better than the stuff we usually have in the house but still with all this snacking and not much moving is making me a little nervous.  They say we will be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow so maybe I need to think about doing some sort of exercise at home (that would be the logically thing to do Ann)!


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Where Does It Go…

The gods are against me today so I think I will close the computer since my daughter is making raspberries on my arm while I type and I now feel like a Saint Bernard just drooled all over me.

Seriously, where did it go? Do you know how precious time is for me and I feel like 15 minutes was just tossed away! I thought I made a blog post earlier and now I can’t find it which has gotten me very frustrated since finding the time to blog is an extreme rarity.   Really how do you moms that work full time, take care of your house and raise your own little tribe do it?  I bow down to you, since I don’t work and only have one member of my tribe and struggle to stay a float everyday!

Looks like its time to jump in the shower (only 11 AM and still haven’t showered yet) but I have given Ava her medications, got her to wear her oxygen, made a masterpiece with her and most important fed us some oatmeal and DRANK WATER! Taking deeps breaths and hopefully all will fall into place after I take the magical showe

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I can’t believe my eye’s the scale said 272 pounds!  Really, let me do this again.  Yep, 272 pounds.  I was floating in the pool everyday (yes I said floating not much swimming) so not much calorie burning going on there.  And, I seriously went to Starbucks every day (at home I drink coffee maybe once a month).  Being on vacation, I went all out and treated myself to Lattes and Frappuccinos (those things alone are like 400 calories) and I didn’t gain any weight.  I should go on a lot more vacations!

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