Wednesday Weigh In

It’s been a week since I joined the  Spring Fling Challenge and I am down 2.1 pounds, my weight today was 248.9!  My total weight loss since June 1, 2009, is 57.1 pounds! I am really enjoying the group of ladies I met over at The Hood, they all seem pretty incredible!

Here’s what I did differently this week…I drank a lot more water which really helps curb my appetite! I started to use the treadmill more at the gym along with the stationary bike and NuStep. I’m still having balance issues when done the treadmill so I just kind of stand on the machine for a few seconds before I try and step off and only use the one that is next to the wall so I have something to brace myself with. One of my goals is to get myself to the doctor’s before the end of this month, I failed the balance test and was told to see a neurologist but just haven’t gotten around to it. I never minded going to the doctors before but now I guess since we go so much for my daughter and she is in and out of the hospital I just really have a hard time making the time to address the things that are going on with myself but I’m slowly working on that.

This week was a little stressful. My daughter just turned 4 years old this past January, which is a miracle (each day, every second she is here with us is), her right side of her heart is enlarged and in failure. Now that she is getting older it’s harder for her to be as active as she would like. The other day we went to the mall and her stroller was in the other car, of course the mall didn’t rent strollers (just my luck). Her heart works pretty hard and she becomes easily short winded. She saw the water fountain and her face just lit up and in this sweet voice she said to me, look mom the water fountain come on and run. Times like this is when I wish some I had someone following us around with cameras, I wish everyone could have seen her face and to see her run (its more of a waddle) it was just too cute. She got so short winded from the little sprint that she started coughing and then the vomiting started and just kept on going (good thing I had a plastic bag with me). She said to me, mom I’m all done and I feel better, can we go home now!  I just love her.  As you can see, she doesn’t look sick and I know we are blessed because I can’t imagine how it is for those families who’s child is sick and looks sick.  When she got sick and not being able to do anything for her (you know fix her) just made me want to crawl up into a ball and cry but I didn’t, I just kept in my head all the silly faces, her dancing in the store, rearranging all the shoes at Nordstrom’s (sure they loved that) I held onto all the fun we had up until that point.  So I am very grateful that my Jewel doesn’t look like her heart is in failure, I think that would chip away pieces of my heart everyday if I had that in your face reminder.

Another thing I took from that day was to stop stressing about Blogging and Twitter, I wish I had more time but I don’t.  All of my time is spent with my daughter and then when she’s in dreamland I get to go online and catch up on the news, read some tweets, blog post and connect with my facebook friends.  I love what the FLG said,“You know what challenge I’m doing? One that really means a lot to me and that I’m trying to put my all into? Life. Changing my life. Bettering myself for the people I love and for mine and my family’s future” Well said FLG!  I guess I’m not that good at multi-tasking, so no more feeling guilty about not tweeting or making comments on all the wonderful blogs I’ve been reading.  Who knows maybe when my Jewel goes back to school then I’ll have more time but for now my goals are to work on getting me healthy (eating right/making better choices, going to the gym at least every other day) and making each second count with my Jewel!


I’m In

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

As you can see above I need to put my serious face on before I do my happy dance!   I was just added to a Team I (I Can Do It) over at Shrinking Jeans for their Spring Fling Challenge!  I have been looking for something like this, so much of my time is spent with my daughter I have lost contact with many of my friends and I don’t have that much support at home but I’ll save that for my therapist!  Here’s to hopefully finding some extra motivation!  I’m so going to be Busting A Move at the end of this challenge!  Today’s weight 251 pounds.

Who Are These Bloggers

So weight loss/getting healthy blogging is so different than the group (they are now really more like my extended family), who have a child with Williams Syndrome.  I have found many blogs on weight loss that I enjoy but they intimidate me, they almost look professional, in fact I think they are professional?!  They have adds, they give away stuff (I wonder if they are sponsored by companies), they have what looks like professional photos  posted and they all sound like writers (you know what I mean).  For the longest time I wasn’t posting because of how well some of these blogs are done (yes I need to work on my confidence level), they have come a long way since I was a kid.  Let me give you some examples…if you love pin up girls than you are going to love Ms. Julie’s blog called Big Girl Bombshell!  I have to admit,I first went gaga over her blog because of the pin-up art she post, after all I do have one tattooed on my arm but then I started to read her post and she has such a way with not only her words, the titles of her post and the picture she matches with each one, you can tell she really puts her heart and soul into it.  Then you have sweet Ms. Mary over at A Merry Life, who’s in love and just came back from NZ (a place I always wanted to visit but I did make it to Australia) anyway, I guess this is why she is giving away stuff?  Hey Mary, I’m a nicer person when I’m in love and when I win stuff ((wink))!  OMG, I just was saying to myself she seems like a really sweet and smart girl (truthfully I said kid and she’s not a kid).  Now I feel really old, crap I just did the math in my head (16 years difference) oh, I am getting old.  I digress (you’ll see that a lot with me), for the giveaway go to her blog and you will see a couple of different ways to win a pretty sweet pedometer.   I have so many more I want to blog about but I can’t just now, I just spent my free time blogging about others when I have a heap of my own stuff that I want to blog about (see mom it’s not always about me).  You must go see Ms. Sue who goes by MrsFatAss, the girl is a riot and she is very candid/raw which I appreciate, her post and tweets crack me up.  Her blog is called, Did I Just Eat That Out Loud, in fact I just watched a video that she made with her husband, now you have to go to Ms. Mish’s blog Eating Journey to view it and it is well worth the trip.  Seriously who are these super women, how do they find the time to do it so well and so often, does it just come naturally for them and are they really women?  i once knew someone (not going to name any names) that got a job as an adult phone actress (it was only for a few days – I, oh I mean she, thought it would be a good paper) anyway, she told me that it’s not always females that answer those calls!  Yep, you heard me, fella’s you may think some girl is talking fresh to you and asking you to slap it over the phone but it may just be a guy with a really high voice, so think twice before you dial that 900-wet-lips number at .99 a minute!  See I did it again, you know the digressing thing (sorry).  I am finding out that I need to make plans/schedules so my goal for this week is to set time aside each day and catch up on their blogs cause they are really good reads and they seem like an awesome bunch of girls!

Snowed In

Thanks to my step father, who drove me to the gym yesterday I’m feeling really good about that but I am scared to get on the scale next month, clothes are feeling a-little snug!  We had a snow storm which has left us with no power and for me that equals lots of munching, luckily I did some shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s so the snacks are much better than the stuff we usually have in the house but still with all this snacking and not much moving is making me a little nervous.  They say we will be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow so maybe I need to think about doing some sort of exercise at home (that would be the logically thing to do Ann)!

Where Does It Go…

The gods are against me today so I think I will close the computer since my daughter is making raspberries on my arm while I type and I now feel like a Saint Bernard just drooled all over me.

Seriously, where did it go? Do you know how precious time is for me and I feel like 15 minutes was just tossed away! I thought I made a blog post earlier and now I can’t find it which has gotten me very frustrated since finding the time to blog is an extreme rarity.   Really how do you moms that work full time, take care of your house and raise your own little tribe do it?  I bow down to you, since I don’t work and only have one member of my tribe and struggle to stay a float everyday!

Looks like its time to jump in the shower (only 11 AM and still haven’t showered yet) but I have given Ava her medications, got her to wear her oxygen, made a masterpiece with her and most important fed us some oatmeal and DRANK WATER! Taking deeps breaths and hopefully all will fall into place after I take the magical showe

I can’t believe my eye’s the scale said 272 pounds!  Really, let me do this again.  Yep, 272 pounds.  I was floating in the pool everyday (yes I said floating not much swimming) so not much calorie burning going on there.  And, I seriously went to Starbucks every day (at home I drink coffee maybe once a month).  Being on vacation, I went all out and treated myself to Lattes and Frappuccinos (those things alone are like 400 calories) and I didn’t gain any weight.  I should go on a lot more vacations!

Like many I am a total stress eater and I must pat myself on the back right now!  I’m here at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) cause my daughter just had some dental work and since the right side of her heart is in failure she will be recovering in the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) overnight.  This is the time that I usually consume insane amounts of soda, candy, cakes, burgers and fries and guess what, I stayed strong (in so many ways)!  It took me over 5 minutes to make my lunch selection, I’m sure I looked like a crazy person.  As I paced around the cafeteria, I was having this personal conversation with my good twin (she’s the health nut diva) and evil twin (he’s the big fat slob, notice the evil one is a he) and finally I went with my girl the health diva and had this yummy pasta with Shrimp and Spinach along with an Ice Tea!  Hospital food has come a long way!