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So weight loss/getting healthy blogging is so different than the group (they are now really more like my extended family), who have a child with Williams Syndrome.  I have found many blogs on weight loss that I enjoy but they intimidate me, they almost look professional, in fact I think they are professional?!  They have adds, they give away stuff (I wonder if they are sponsored by companies), they have what looks like professional photos  posted and they all sound like writers (you know what I mean).  For the longest time I wasn’t posting because of how well some of these blogs are done (yes I need to work on my confidence level), they have come a long way since I was a kid.  Let me give you some examples…if you love pin up girls than you are going to love Ms. Julie’s blog called Big Girl Bombshell!  I have to admit,I first went gaga over her blog because of the pin-up art she post, after all I do have one tattooed on my arm but then I started to read her post and she has such a way with not only her words, the titles of her post and the picture she matches with each one, you can tell she really puts her heart and soul into it.  Then you have sweet Ms. Mary over at A Merry Life, who’s in love and just came back from NZ (a place I always wanted to visit but I did make it to Australia) anyway, I guess this is why she is giving away stuff?  Hey Mary, I’m a nicer person when I’m in love and when I win stuff ((wink))!  OMG, I just was saying to myself she seems like a really sweet and smart girl (truthfully I said kid and she’s not a kid).  Now I feel really old, crap I just did the math in my head (16 years difference) oh, I am getting old.  I digress (you’ll see that a lot with me), for the giveaway go to her blog and you will see a couple of different ways to win a pretty sweet pedometer.   I have so many more I want to blog about but I can’t just now, I just spent my free time blogging about others when I have a heap of my own stuff that I want to blog about (see mom it’s not always about me).  You must go see Ms. Sue who goes by MrsFatAss, the girl is a riot and she is very candid/raw which I appreciate, her post and tweets crack me up.  Her blog is called, Did I Just Eat That Out Loud, in fact I just watched a video that she made with her husband, now you have to go to Ms. Mish’s blog Eating Journey to view it and it is well worth the trip.  Seriously who are these super women, how do they find the time to do it so well and so often, does it just come naturally for them and are they really women?  i once knew someone (not going to name any names) that got a job as an adult phone actress (it was only for a few days – I, oh I mean she, thought it would be a good paper) anyway, she told me that it’s not always females that answer those calls!  Yep, you heard me, fella’s you may think some girl is talking fresh to you and asking you to slap it over the phone but it may just be a guy with a really high voice, so think twice before you dial that 900-wet-lips number at .99 a minute!  See I did it again, you know the digressing thing (sorry).  I am finding out that I need to make plans/schedules so my goal for this week is to set time aside each day and catch up on their blogs cause they are really good reads and they seem like an awesome bunch of girls!


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